The Sony FS7 and FS5 are extremely popular cameras in both video and film production, but one of the more problematic issues has been being able to use the camera with Blackmagic switchers in progressive(P) mode. Sony uses PsF rather than P for its progressive mode and the Blackmagic line of switchers does not recognize PsF, so those wanting to us the FS7 for webcasts and live events with BMC switchers have had to use interlaced(i) mode in order to do so. This means not being able to work in 24fps, since there is no 24i mode. One can record internally in P and send 59.94i to the switcher, but that does not solve the 24fps issue.

Surprisingly, BMC does not have a cross converter that converts PsF to P, so a workaround seemed out of reach. Decimator’s MD-HX Cross Converter, ( solves that problem. This $295 cross-converter belongs in everyone’s kit. With both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, this handy device supports both 3G Level A and B and has 14 modes. It can even be used as a 1-4 distribution amplifier.

The one drawback is that you will need one for each camera you are using with the BMD switcher, but it opens up the ability to record and broadcast in true P mode with Sony cameras.

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