Covering your rental

All rentals need to be covered for the full replacement value of the items you rent, either through your own policy if you have one, through short term insurance purchased from a third party, or by having us put a hold for the amount on your credit card. For your convenience, we have partnered with Athos Insurance to provide both short-term and long-term polices. If you wish to insure through Athos, just click on the appropriate link and fill out the forms. It takes about five minutes and Athos will send your COI directly to us. The replcement value of your rental will be included  in the verification email you receive from us once you submit your order.

If you already have insurance, just have your broker forward a COI to, naming Newscast, LLC, 526 West 26th Street, Suite 515, New York, NY 10001 as an Additional Insured. Coverage must show rented equipment and may not have an Unlocked Vehicle exclusion.

A hold for the deductible, or if less, the replacement cost, will be placed on your Credit Card.